Thursday, October 09, 2008

Merida Mexico to Kona Hawaii
October 6th

Yesterday morning we woke early and we woke hungry.  We were staying at my sister Verity's house in Merida.  The house contained a king size bed, a hammock and our luggage strewn across antique tiles in the rooms of the old mansion.  No fridge and no food so we lycrad up and peddled into town to have breaky at a traditional Mexican Restaurant.  I ordered the hotcakes.  It did seem strange that the best hotcakes of this trip were had in that little Mexican Restaurant whilst I had my best Mexican meal in  a little town called Lebannon in Portland.

So after breakfast we peddled south to explore the villages.  We found Haciendas, gorgeous little villages and our first road with hills and bends in Yucatan.  The hills must have been less than 5 metres in elevation but it was so fun to peddle up and feel a buzz of speed on the way down.  For two weeks we have only had the wind to play with and this was something different.

We spent about five hours in our last peddlig exploration of the Yucatan penninsula.  Once more we found the roads to be quiet and smooth, giving us freedom to choose our path amongst the tiny villages. We peddled back into Merida and the same traditional Mexican Restaurant.  We ran into David there, a friend of Verity's who runs bird tours.  By this stage I think we were definitely locals.

Our bus left Merida at 11pm, it got us to Cancun by 3am and from there we made it to the airport.  We arrived there at 4am.  It might seem strange to some that in Mexico they request that international traveller's arrive 3 hours before their flights whilst the airline staff (who check you in) arrive two hours before the flight.  We had an hour in an empty airport to consider this.

From Cancun we flew to Houston, from Houston we flew to LA, from LA we flew to Honolulu, from Honolulu we flew to Kona.  At Kona we picked up a hire car and drove to this lovely little condominium up the hill and looking over the sea.