Thursday, December 20, 2007

Felt bicycles partner me in all these crazy adventures. I've been riding a 48cm B2 Time Trial with 650 wheels since June last year. I'm 163cm and it fits me perfectly. It can be hard to find time trial bikes that fit "little people". It's amazing how efficient this bike feels. I call it "the fast one." bicycle.
I also ride a Felt RXC Team hard tail mountain bike. It's light and it's very forgiving on me being new to mountain biking. I've been doing 6 and 12 hour endurance races and it's perfect.
JAGGAD. I love my Jaggad Sprint Jersey. It's completely breathable and has pockets to carry all the things I need in long races. Jaggad are an Australian company and they put a great deal of effort into making clothing that suits women with all different body shapes. It's lovely to have so many choices in the women's range.

Brooks. My feet aren't the easiest customers to please and if my shoes aren't right, they're not afraid to let me know. Brooks provide luxury accommodation for my feet. I run in Brooks Trance and Brooks Adrenalines. In all races including Ironman distance I use S3 Racing Flats.

All these shoes offer really good support but one of the best things about them is they seem to last longer than previous runners I've had.